Fibromyalgia and cytotoxicity


Right now, you may be either in a natural cycle of rejuvenation or in an “unnatural” cycle of pain and inflammation, common with a debilitating condition such as Fibromyalgia.

What causes us to be well and vibrant depends on the level of health in our cells. How well are your cells right now? How well do you feel?

The future of your health depends on your body’s ability to create healthy cells, now.

The natural cycle of rejuvenation

Cells are the building blocks of every organ and every system, in fact, every part of your body. They are constantly being renewed. Skin cells replace themselves every 2-3 weeks; taste buds every ten days; intestinal cells every 2-3 days. Your liver turnover is every five months. Your entire skeleton replaces itself every ten years.

Every cell in your body is replaced as part of the natural cycle of rejuvenation. Of course, your body manages the process, but it is still influenced by the quality of your cells.

Our choices in life, regarding lifestyle, environment, diet, and exercise, determine whether the cycle we follow will rejuvenate us or perpetuate ill-health.

For your cells to rejuvenate, they need to be healthy and clean - only then do they have the energy to create radiant health. Healthy cells absorb and assimilate the nutrients they need, and expel toxic wastes easily, sustaining the natural cycle of rejuvenation.

The “unnatural” cycle of ill-health
Cells become sick when we are exposed to “toxins” which, by definition, are poisonous. When cells become sick, the cycle changes to one of ill-health. Sick cells do not function well enough to create the needed energy to stay clean. Sick cells cannot purify themselves; they become increasingly more toxic, causing them to function less and less well.

“If there is insufficient energy available to feed the energy requirements of the cells, then the next consequence is a breakdown in the ability of each cell to detoxify itself from normally occurring waste products, not to mention the added burden of chemical and heavy metal exposure. Since muscle cells are the most metabolically active cell-types, any use of the muscles will dramatically increase the toxicity of these cells.” - Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, a Vancouver, BC-based naturopathic doctor explaining the link between the cells, muscles, toxicity, and FMS.

Toxins can get into new cells each time the old cells divide. This is why people have diseases that can last for years. Toxic cells create cellular mutations as they divide. These mutated cells are passed on to future generations as mutated genes – they create genetic weakness and deficiencies.

“Wait a minute,” you may ask, “if your body tissues are constantly renewing, and your body parts replace themselves so often, why are you experiencing ongoing pain and inflammation?”

The reason is that as your cells divide, they pass their toxic wastes on to the new cells, and so the cycle of ill-health continues.

What is Cytotoxicity?
Cytotoxicity can cause pain and inflammation. Cytotoxins, or cell (“cyto”) poisons (“toxicity”) are at the root of ill-health - they are poisonous to cells. Their impact will vary, ranging from slight to substantial, causing cells to die, depending on the level and strength of the toxins. It may be a poison such as a venom from insects or snakes; it may be chemical toxins such as industrial chemicals and heavy metals; or perhaps the artificial chemicals in your personal care products, household cleaners, and furniture.

Certain cytotoxic agents limit the natural cycle of cells and their ability to grow, divide, and reproduce.

Cytotoxins can be heavy metals, such as mercury or copper, or other chemical pollutants.

Heavy metals - “Heavy metals can explain most of the previous unknown origins of disease. The intelligence of your body tries to protect you from these harmful toxic substances by storing them in your cells to remove them from circulation. Your body stores heavy metals because it cannot neutralize them.” Dr. Joseph Hickey, MD of South Carolina. See "Heavy metals - what are the doctors saying?".

Mercury - is “cytotoxic — i.e. it poisons cells. Why wouldn’t it make you sick? The list of problems mercury vapour can cause is endless. There is an extremely high incidence of depression, memory loss and behavioural problems including violent outbursts that can be explained by exposure to mercury vapour.” (Life Extension Magazine May 2001.) See "Is mercury toxicity affecting your body? How?"

Copper - “With the widespread use of the estrogen in the pill and the estrogen replacement therapy excess copper builds up in the cells and the tissues of very large numbers of females. This has become a major contributing factor to both psychological and physical health problems that they experience”. - Dr. Richard Malter writes in “The Strands of Health”. See "Migraines or toxic headaches."

Chemical pollutants - “Chemical pollutants include pesticides, solvents, petrochemicals and food additives. They are all very damaging to the cells of the body and especially to cell membranes. These damaging chemicals get stored in our fat, joints and retained water (they are imprisoned in these locations to keep them out of circulation) so that they do less damage to the body.” - Dr. William Kellas of Encinitas, California. See "Environmental pollutants trigger chronic neuropathic pain."

Examples of health conditions and damaged cells are auto-immune diseases, Candida, and Fibromyalgia.

Auto-immune diseases - “We all have hereditary tendencies towards certain diseases. If a person is exposed to environmental toxins over long periods of time, this creates an enormous amount of free radicals in the body. These free radicals then alter the body's pH (which must be kept constant). An altered pH allows viruses, bacteria, Candida and other pathogens to thrive, which then sets the stage for more free radicals. The free radicals damage the cells, making it impossible for the cells to communicate with each other.” Dr. Thomas Nissen, a specialist in Environmental Medicine.

"Autoimmunity results when the immune system attacks the damaged cells” - Dr. Stephen B. Edelson, one of the top auto-immune disease specialists in the United States.

See "Auto-immune disease - what and why?"

Candida - “Mercury fed Candida become more and more virulent and eventually penetrates the intestinal walls and invades the cells. These fungal microorganisms become quite at home in the cell, and can easily be considered a principle characteristic of cancer” - Dr. Mark Sircus, of Brazil. See "The Candida mercury connection."

Fibromyalgia - “Of the Fibromyalgia cases I have seen, I found that 100% have heavy metal toxicities. They may have elevated levels of lead, mercury, aluminum, or sometimes other heavy metals in their bodies, and usually, have several.” Dr. Arlan Cage, a research scientist and Naturopathic doctor from Mt. Shasta, California. See "Fibromyalgia - effective relief.'

Recovering your ability to rejuvenate Clearly, it is vital for you to create healthy cells as soon as possible. Your health depends on freeing your body from a lifetime accumulation of toxic wastes. Once you break the cycle of ill-health by reducing toxicity in your cells, your body will resume a cycle of rejuvenation.

Step one to living longer and healthier is help your body to be toxin-free, now.


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