Fibromyalgia - effective relief

Fibromyalgia - effective relief

In North America, Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) affects a large number of people, primarily women of working age.

A survey in 2010 by Statistics Canada found that there were 439,000 people diagnosed with FMS. In the US, over 6 million Americans suffer from FMS, 90% of them are women in the prime of their life.

Recognized increasingly as a chronic pain illness, FMS is seen in men and women of all ages; it is most common in women between the ages of 20 and 55.

Anxiety and depression, widespread aches, pain and stiffness, soft tissue tenderness, general fatigue, and sleep disturbances are all symptoms commonly associated with FMS.

Many struggle for years before being correctly diagnosed. Doctors have only recently begun to see heavy metal toxicity as a possible component in the cause and treatment.

Cells at the root of FMS
Healing, repair and excellent health all need properly functioning cells.

When your body has inadequate energy and a poor circulation, it cannot maintain good health on a daily basis. In addition to the external pollution absorbed daily, it becomes overloaded and overwhelmed by its own internal wastes.

Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, a Vancouver, BC-based naturopathic doctor explains the link between the cells, muscles, toxicity, and FMS:

“If there is insufficient energy available to feed the energy requirements of the cells, then the next consequence is a breakdown in the ability of each cell to detoxify itself from normally occurring waste products, not to mention the added burden of chemical and heavy metal exposure. Since muscle cells are the most metabolically active cell-types, any use of the muscles will dramatically increase the toxicity of these cells.”

“Chronically toxic muscle cells result in low energy and the chronic pain that appears to move around the body on a day-to-day basis, as well as the tender trigger points that constitute a diagnosis of FM by medical doctors. Their immune systems are compromised due to exposure to chemicals and heavy metals, as well as psychological, electro-magnetic, and nutritional stressors.”

Many sufferers, limited results
Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D., of Prescott, Arizona warns of the increasing prevalence of toxic metals, the link to illness, and the lack of attention paid by mainstream medicine:

“Today mankind is exposed to the highest levels of these metals in recorded history. This is due to their industrial use, the unrestricted burning of coal, natural gas and petroleum, and incineration of waste materials worldwide. Toxic metals are now everywhere and affect everyone on planet earth. They have become a major cause of illness, aging and even genetic defects. The study of toxic metals is part of nutrition and toxicology, areas not emphasized in medical schools. For this reason, these important causes of disease are accorded little attention in conventional mainstream medicine.”

Heavy metals and FMS
Signs of chronic toxic metal exposure include fatigue, aching joints, digestive distress, and depression. FMS patients often report numbness and tingling in the extremities. These are classic symptoms of heavy metal toxicity.

Dr. Arlan Cage, a research scientist, and Naturopathic doctor from Mt. Shasta, California is of the opinion that FMS is the result of heavy metal poisoning unless proven otherwise.

“Of the Fibromyalgia cases I have seen, I found that 100% have heavy metal toxicities. They may have elevated levels of lead, mercury, aluminum, or sometimes other heavy metals in their bodies, and usually, have several.”

Science and medicine are now revealing the extent of our daily absorption of many different toxic poisons from numerous sources. At first, the amounts are small; the problem is the cumulative effect over time.

“It is not possible to completely avoid exposure to toxic metals (Singh 2011). Even people who are not occupationally exposed carry certain metals in their body as a result of exposure from other sources, such as food, beverages, or air”. (Washam 2011; Satarug 2010)

Chronic Toxin Overload
Another factor is that when individual toxins bond together, the resulting toxic compound can have an even greater, more potent adverse effect on the human body. These toxic compounds are behind debilitating conditions such as FMS and CFS.

Tom Moorcroft, DO of Berlin, Connecticut draws attention to the dangers of a multiplicity of toxins on accurate diagnosis:

“In my experience, almost all dis-eases are a result of Chronic Toxin Overload (CTO). Today, people are bombarded with multiple toxins at all times. Because people are no longer getting sick from one or two toxins, but rather a myriad of toxins, doctors often are unable to isolate a single cause of illness and erroneously believe it is all in their patient’s head. The foundation of any truly effective healing approach is to promote detoxification.”

A new solution
If you are experiencing FMS or CFS symptoms, consider detoxifying your body of heavy metals.


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