What Do Heavy Metals And Mold Toxicity Have In Common?

What Do Heavy Metals And Mold Toxicity Have In Common? When mold has taken hold in your home, you need to address this external source. However, once mold takes hold in your body, you need to address this issue in your body’s internal environment. Be aware the chemical warfare approach on the mold is what causes new resistant strains to mutate – just like viruses and bacteria have...

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Diet - eating better, feeling better

Post-images4.001 Diet - the Next Step: In the previous article, “Diet: sickness, fatigue, and depression,” we talked about the increased amount of sugar in your diet and the pervasive impact of excess sugar on your health. Nutritionist Mary Carmody says clients have had their lives dramatically improved by reducing their consumption of fructose-laden processed products. “I had...

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Diet - sickness, fatigue, and depression

Post-images2.001 Can diet be linked to sickness, fatigue, and depression? Quite simply, yes. The body is a highly complex system, and it needs a diet of good quality energy, just as an auto needs good quality fuel. If the body does not receive the energy it needs, it experiences a gradual process of degradation. As we are all different, that...

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Stress and acidity - breaking the cycle

Stress-acidity Is constant stress weighing you down? Do you feel like you’re hanging on by a thread as you juggle the many responsibilities of life? Do you find it difficult to slow down, breathe, and just relax? Stress can be a good thing—it results in increased productivity and motivation. However, when increasing stress is unmanaged, situations can...

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Facing fatigue- the secrets to increasing your vitality

Acidity-oxygen Fatigue and lack of vitality are some of the most frustrating symptoms people experience today. External demands can become overwhelming, affecting you in so many ways, key among these is your energy level. Have you considered the combined impact that your fast paced lifestyle, high levels of stress, and a classic North American diet, i.e. carbohydrates, meat, sugars, and...

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