We are continuously asked about why practitioners chose a PES system; the following reports are from practitioner experiences with our PES technologies:

“I chose Platinum Energy Systems because I wanted the very best, a reliable unit. It is very easy to use, and every session is equal, which is important to me.”

Lisa. L. – Sudbury, ON
“I purchased the PES System for several reasons. My primary concerns were: safety, simplicity of operation, effectiveness, and knowledgeable training and support. Safety was the most important aspect for my clients and me.

I love that all I need to do is turn it on and then turn it off. So easy to use! I liked the fact that the patented technology controls, monitors, and adjusts everything needed. It does it all for me.

When I understood the exceptional technology and safety features included in this model, this is what made me feel comfortable about using it personally and professionally. I really like its unique sculpted basin.

Platinum Energy Systems has surpassed all my expectations. I really appreciate the high level of support and training.”

Suzy Szokendi of Soul Reflexions – Vancouver, B.C.
“I chose Platinum because I wanted to feel safe. The Platinum system has a computerized array which holds the electricity at a constant low level, the entire 30 minutes.

I use ½ teaspoon of salt. In my research, I was surprised that the other systems they don’t know how much salt to use. When they add more, that causes the electricity to increase. They never use the same amount of salt.

With the PES System, I only need to use ½ teaspoon of salt ever. I bought this system because I like how easy and safe it is to use.”

Christine Nelson, ND – St-Adolphe-d’Howard, QC
“I appreciate everyone at Platinum Energy Systems for their ongoing support and up to date information. I can phone and reach a person or leave a message and have my call returned promptly. When I need a question answered this is an important service to me.”

Ronna H., RNPA – Nanaimo, BC
“I purchased a PES System because of its computerized array. The company cares about their customers and is available to answer questions.”

Michelle R. – Kirkland, WA


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