Diet - eating better, feeling better

Post-images4.001 Diet - the Next Step: In the previous article, “Diet: sickness, fatigue, and depression,” we talked about the increased amount of sugar in your diet and the pervasive impact of excess sugar on your health. Nutritionist Mary Carmody says clients have had their lives dramatically improved by reducing their consumption of fructose-laden processed products. “I had...

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Stress and acidity - breaking the cycle

Stress-acidity Is constant stress weighing you down? Do you feel like you’re hanging on by a thread as you juggle the many responsibilities of life? Do you find it difficult to slow down, breathe, and just relax? Stress can be a good thing—it results in increased productivity and motivation. However, when increasing stress is unmanaged, situations can...

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How can lemons help reduce toxicity?

Lemon Lemons have specific compounds known as flavonoids and limonoids. These miraculous properties have been reported to kill cancer cells. They may be even 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy - they stop the formation and growth of cancer cells, chemically. Lemons may even be able to kill cancer cells outright, with no negative side effects. You can always carry out some research...

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Keeping warm, naturally

Keeping warm, naturally Is this change in season causing you to feel an inner coldness, amplifying your need to keep warm? Keeping warm internally and staying that way is 100%-related to your circulation, and the ease with which your blood can flow through to your glands, organs, and systems. The cold and damp of fall and winter have a dramatic affect on so...

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