How can I reduce my toxicity?

How can I reduce my toxicity? Your liver is the body’s main protection system against toxicity. If it becomes overwhelmed, it is because it is burdened with toxins - you will definitely be aware of it. As the traditional Chinese saying goes, “You are as happy as your liver”. The EPA estimates that an average American may be carrying 700 or so industrial...

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Keeping warm, naturally

Keeping warm, naturally Is this change in season causing you to feel an inner coldness, amplifying your need to keep warm? Keeping warm internally and staying that way is 100%-related to your circulation, and the ease with which your blood can flow through to your glands, organs, and systems. The cold and damp of fall and winter have a dramatic affect on so...

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Creativity and eliminating toxicity

Creativity and eliminating toxicity Heavy metals, excess acidity, and toxins all contribute to physical toxicity. As we grow older, the accumulation builds within us and we become less and less able to cope with it. Reducing accumulated toxicity is the first step to recovering our physical health. As for our attitude and spirit, the good news is that we can also change those...

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“The better you feel, the better you heal.”

“The better you feel, the better you heal.” How many people would gladly choose to live your life, if given a chance? Pause for a minute and reflect on what is excellent about your life? What needs attention? Do you automatically think about the areas that aren’t working? Your life is meant to be joyful, fun, happy, and meaningful. If you are not experiencing these, then...

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The Practical Optimist

The Practical Optimist Optimists have a positive expectation that things will turn out all right in the end. They see their lives regarding why things are getting better and better. Who wouldn’t feel this attitude makes the heart sing and their body feel good and experience greater wellness? Optimism and good health both require resilience, the ability to adapt and grow...

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