Your thyroid and your health…

Your thyroid and your health…

Springtime brings accelerated growth. What is occurring outside in nature’s plant life is also happening inside your body; new cells are being created from old cells. This is an important time to ensure that you are creating new, healthy cells instead duplicating old, toxic cells.

The scientific community is now seeing the depth at which humans are suffering from chronic poisoning.

All cells in the body need iodine for proper functioning. All glands, such as the thyroid and adrenal glands especially need iodine for the production of hormones. Adequate iodine levels are necessary for proper immune system function. Iodine contains potent antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiviral and anti-cancer properties for internal and external use. Iodine also helps protect the thyroid from nuclear radiation.

Your body does not make iodine. You need to get it from your diet or through supplements. Today’s concern is the potential toxicity levels of sea-foods from industrial and heavy metal pollution, as well as the recent occurrence in one of Japan’s nuclear plants.

Toxins that interfere with absorption of nutrients are increasing inside us daily. As these toxic poisons accumulate in our cells and blood streams, they are causing physiological, emotional, and mental damage. Also, there is a drop in the quality and quantity of protective minerals and other nutrients available in our foods which help our bodies to detoxify more easily.

How are you feeling – physically, emotionally, and mentally? Do you lack energy? Are you up, or down, most of the time?

Healthy thyroid: acid rain now includes traces of mercury, particularly in the northern hemisphere. Nuclear radiation, mercury, and other heavy metals are especially dangerous to the thyroid.

When the body is toxic, healing and repair resources are diverted to deal with a high level of internal pollution. When you are so acidic, your brain is not functioning effectively, and neither is your nervous system. I have noticed that people who are tense, depressed, and exhausted, all have high acidity levels and accumulated heavy metals. They literally can’t think straight. They don’t sleep well. Their nervous system is being affected, as well as their immune system, thyroid, and other glands and organs.

Modern day solutions for your thyroid: Dr. David Brownstein MD, the author of “Iodine, Why you need it and why you can’t do without it,” writes that “I came to the conclusion that the toxicity of modern life must be impacting iodine levels. Because of the elevated levels of toxic halides in the environment and the food supply, iodine levels have not only fallen, but larger amounts of iodine are necessary to correct iodine deficiency as well as to promote a detoxifying effect of heavy metals.”

The mineral selenium is essential in our toxic age. Especially with amalgam, i.e. mercury, dental fillings and mercury-based vaccines, selenium is more important than ever as an antidote to heavy metal toxicity.

Clean cells create new healthy cells: You know how healthy you feel when your energy level is high and can be sustained all day without stimulants. As with the garden, we not only need to get rid of this year’s accumulation but the accumulation of a lifetime. We need to clear out toxic wastes now so that our bodies grow healthy new cells instead of polluted, mutated cells.

When your energy and health decline and weaken, so does the ability of your cells to cleanse effectively. The waste content that needs to leave your cells becomes trapped and begins to accumulate. You gain weight. You will not lose weight while you are still acidic. Your body needs you to help it to cleanse.

“Chemical pollutants include pesticides, solvents, petrochemicals and food additives. They are all very damaging to the cells of the body and especially to cell membranes. These damaging chemicals get stored in our fat, joints and retained water (they are imprisoned in these locations to keep them out of circulation) so that they do less damage to the body. I believe that heavy metals are the most immediately, dangerous toxicity that we deal with.” Dr. William Kellas

With our busy lives, so full of activities, we often forget to attend our own needs until the body’s messages become louder. At this point, some disease process finally surfaces, and it is often only then that our body receives our attention.


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