Losing weight - using the body’s intelligence


“I just can’t seem to lose weight, no matter what I do!” How often have you said this, or heard other people say this?

It is very common for people to diet, exercise, count calories, and follow all the tricks and tips for weight loss, but still not be able to shed their extra pounds.

Weight gain can often be a mystery. Trying to lose excess weight can be endlessly frustrating, and it is hardly ever “easy and fast” as the fitness and diet plans promise.

But there may well be a reason: when your liver cannot protect you from bad chemicals and heavy metals, your body stores them in your fat cells to keep them out of your blood stream. This is your body defending itself from being poisoned. The unfortunate side effect is that you put on weight!

But don’t get discouraged; there are ways to work with your natural body wisdom, and lose weight the safe way.

Are we really full of toxins?
Studies by environmental groups in the USA found that fats cells were indeed storing toxic and often multiple chemicals. The 2007 EPA report shows that USA farm soils are polluted and will continue to affect us for years to come. Some of these toxic chemicals have been banned for years, yet they continue to accumulate in the food chain. For example, rice crops in some southern states of the US are being grown in soil containing higher than average levels of arsenic. That same soil had been used to grow cotton and, as part of the process, arsenic-based pesticides had been employed as a protection against insects.

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) conducted an annual study from 1970 to 1989 to analyze human fat tissue to see what types of toxins accumulated in the human body. National Human Adipose Tissue Survey (NHATS) reported that even babies are suffering from toxic chemicals. The Environmental Group study in the USA in 2004 found that the newborns have on average 287 chemicals in their umbilical cord at birth. 217 of which are poisonous to nerve cells. (As with all our research, you are welcome to contact us for further information.)

What does our body intelligence do about it?
Your body’s wisdom does not want these poisonous substances in your body. As we mentioned earlier, they are stored in your fat cells to keep them away from your other cells, glands, and organs. You can gain 25-50 or more pounds a year when you are in a state of acute toxicity overwhelm. Your body may also be retaining water in an attempt to dilute toxic, poisonous substances.

Science has now revealed how toxic chemicals cause weight gain: Toxic chemicals are stored in fat cells, polluting them and causing new cells to be toxic as well. This cycle cannot be stopped while toxic substances still exist.

By losing weight without detoxifying, you would put those chemicals back into circulation again; this is exactly what your body’s wisdom is trying to prevent. (And that’s why you put that weight back on again!)

So how do you detoxify and lose excess weight, safely?
You need to free your body from accumulating toxicity. Then, and only then, will your body be willing to let go of the excess weight. With our clients, we have seen this happen over and over again. They come to us because they have hit a weight loss plateau; they simply can’t lose any more excess weight, no matter what they do.

Never before on the planet have we had to deal with the sheer volume of toxicity we are all experiencing today. This is a modern day crisis. Many people are overburdened with poisonous chemicals and heavy metals, and their bodies are not capable of effectively detoxifying themselves – they may need extra help.

The two biggest epidemics of today are diabetes and obesity. Both have been linked to toxic environmental chemicals. These may be preventable and even curable if your body can purify itself of its lifetime’s accumulated toxins.

Get rid of those toxins and shed extra pounds
Detoxify first. If you lose excess weight before you get rid of those toxins, you can experience increased risk of further toxic poisoning. This what also happens when people experience severe weight loss quickly, either through illness or other means.

It is so important to assist your body to be able to eliminate the toxicity at a pace the body can tolerate. An accelerated detox program is not what you want because that only ends up with uncomfortable after-effects, not unlike feeling as if you have just had a bout of flu.

It is so vital to release the toxicity by using a gentle, soft approach. This assists your body to re-establish its metabolism, health, and vigour by working with its natural rhythm and needs.


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