Keeping warm, naturally

Keeping warm, naturally

Is this change in season causing you to feel an inner coldness, amplifying your need to keep warm?

Keeping warm internally and staying that way is 100%-related to your circulation, and the ease with which your blood can flow through to your glands, organs, and systems.

The cold and damp of fall and winter have a dramatic affect on so many physical ailments.

Your own body’s instinctive response to the colder temperatures is to shiver, causing you to burn up energy from the constant contraction and relaxation of muscle cells - Nature’s way of helping you to produce more heat!

People today are experiencing a wide range of symptoms, many for the first time. They ask us, “Why, why I am experiencing this now? I never had this problem before!” Their discomfort may be sinus infections, allergies, stiffness, low energy, or poor sleep, and so on.

The underlying conditions causing numerous health issues are accumulating toxicity and slow moving circulation. When toxicity accumulates in your body, it will show up first as symptoms in your genetically weak zones. This indicates, however, that it will also be in all areas of your body. That is why you need to cleanse internally your entire body, not just those areas displaying symptoms.

How toxic are you right now?
When you add external cold and damp to your symptoms, it increases your body’s level of distress; it also makes your symptoms more intense. Is it any wonder why people feel less than their best as winter weather moves in more strongly?

What is your most effective way to counteract winter weather? You need to fortify your self, and that means your cells. Create a strong internal environment so that the better your cells function, the better your feel, and the warmer you are inside your body.

Like most people, your body may be stressed by accumulating toxicity;  it may begin to manifest symptoms with different degrees of severity as your level of toxicity increases.

Wintertime warmth
To become warm and healthy, your body requires easy flowing circulation to maintain a higher level of metabolism. If you are feeling low emotionally, mentally, and physically, more than likely you are experiencing a congested, slow moving lymph system.

When your cells can function efficiently, they produce a higher level of energy and heat, because your lymph is now flowing more freely.

Enhance winter-time circulation
Add thermogenic spices and similar heat generating foods to your diet. This will help your body create the necessary warmth. These nutrients increase your blood flow to lean muscles tissue, helping you to stay warm longer.

Herbs such as cayenne (capsaicin), horseradish, mustard, garlic, ginseng, black pepper (piperine), ginger, bitter orange (synephrine), and green tea (epigallocatechin gallate - EGcG) and Oolong tea all assist with heat generation. They also help to cleanse your body.

Cinnamon increases your blood glucose metabolism. Turmeric and cumin assists digestion and energy production. Adding in coconut oil assists fat burning and protein, such as fish, eggs, and nuts to assist heat production.

(Did you know that if you spend time out of doors in the depth of winter, and you have poor circulation, you are much more at risk of frostbite?)

Water – your body’s best friend
German scientists tracked the energy output of a group of individuals after they had consumed 17 ounces of water. For both men and women, the subjects' metabolic rates increased by 30%. The increases occurred within 10 minutes of water consumption and reached a maximum after about 30 to 40 minutes.

We emphasize drinking water before and especially after detoxification to (1) assist the flushing process, as well as (2) to increase your metabolism.

Circulation best benefits
The goal is to boost all your cells, especially your brain! Your cells have thousands of years of natural instinct designed into them. They know how to look after you effectively.

To do so, they need freely flowing circulation and for you to be toxin-free. That’s your job and your gift to your cells. A true symbiotic relationship of true friendship is looking out for each other!

Stay warmer, healthier, and happier in an ever-increasing measure, because that is what you deserve. Life is so much better when you feel better! Look after your cells and your circulation, and they will thank you, in more ways than you can imagine. They are the source of energy, heat, and rejuvenation.

Your cells are the key to your healthy future and will help you to keep warm, naturally.


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