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As we have seen in the previous blog “Heavy metals - what are the doctors saying?”, the simple truth behind detoxification is you cannot experience permanent, lasting health until you cleanse and are toxin-free. Daily you are exposed to more chemicals than ever before.

Clean cells and bodies do not experience illness.

As Dr. Haas points out in “Autism and Toxicity - future generations,” you can only expect and experience good health when you cells are able to function properly, free from poisonous toxic wastes and substances. The truth is that the cleaner you are internally, the better your experience will be of great health.

The art and science of safe detoxification:
As both Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Chaitow state in “Rheumatoid arthritis - or is it?” and “Heavy Metal Toxicity - a reversible dementia,” detoxification needs to be a key factor in recovery. The art of detoxification is to cleanse internally at the pace that is good for your own body. Not so fast as to cause a reaction; not too slow, that the solution is ineffective.

The science of cleansing is knowing how to release your entire life-accumulation, as well as your daily absorption of foreign substances in a safe manner. The key is to liberate, but not overwhelm, your body.

“Do I have to feel worse to get better?” This is the most common question we get asked. The answer is a resounding “NO!” The old thinking of “no pain, no gain” is outdated. The good news is you can detox and advance your health in natural ways without a negative impact.

Today, due to the sheer volume of toxins that you are taking in, your body is more than likely unable to keep up; it cannot release what it is absorbing daily. Health problems occur when we become cluttered and congested with substances that should never have been in our bodies in the first place; a fact commented on by Dr. Hickey in “Heavy Metal toxicity - a reversible dementia.”

Your immune system was not designed to deal with all these foreign substances, such as heavy metals; it does not know what to do with them, so it stores them in your fat cells, temporarily; as Dr. Kellas describes in “Your thyroid and your health”, this solution is meant to be short-term.

The problem is that the solution is no longer short-term.

What is the result? Health failures occur first in the zones of your body wherever you are genetically weakest. Your body is warning you through your symptoms, that something is wrong, and needs correction. Symptoms are alert signals - your body needs your help!

As Dr. Moorcroft and Dr. Higgins state in “Fibromyalgia - effective relief” and “Rheumatoid Arthritis - or is it?”, advanced diseases occur in very toxic bodies. Clean cells are essential for your present and future health.

Winter-time restrictions
Winter can limit many options of activity, and for many, it is a very tough time of year to get enough exercise, especially when many people, especially the elderly and ill, are more house-bound by weather. These people are often experiencing inflammation, pain, and lack of circulation as a result.

What is the right pace for your body to cleanse? This depends on how toxic you are. How do you know? The answer is simple. How do you feel? With increasing toxicity, you feel sicker.

As your illness advances, the more toxic you become. Just remember how you felt when you were completely debilitated by the flu. You were full of toxic wastes and substances; trying to be active felt awful – a sure sign of toxicity.

The answer is to detox according to your body’s need. Do you still feel low energy, constantly tired, yet restless and nervous, sleeping poorly, experiencing pain and inflammation? Then you are not out in the clear yet. You are still toxic.

Cleansing more consistently and frequently
As you cleanse deeper and deeper and clean out all toxic clutter, your body will respond. It starts to feel good, really good.

Your body will signal you to continue; it responds by feeling more energy, more alive, more vibrant, and you will experience improved mental clarity. You sleep better, feel refreshed, and your stamina increases. Your tolerance increases.

But this is not the time to stop, be sure to keep cleansing – it is an on-going process. The #1 issue we see is that people regain their health only to stop doing what made them healthy, and therefore regress! Then, against all logic, they start to do what made them ill again, concerning their diet and lifestyle choices.

How to best assist your body while cleansing
The number one way to help your body is to first help your elimination organs function better.

First is your colon. Drink lots of water. Constipation is the #1 problem with accumulating wastes. Dehydration is the #1 reason.

Lack of fiber is the #2 reason. So eat more fibrous foods to help clear the wastes. Eat flax and chia seeds, celery, carrots, apples, salads, root veggies (especially beets!) – steam them and eat them still crunchy.

In winter, we tend to eat cooked foods that can cause slower digestion, elimination, and constipation. Fresh foods are your best colon clearing agents! Eat more salads – even in winter. Remember to eat summer foods that made you so healthy in that season!

As you drink more water, this helps your kidney function better. It assists them to flush toxic wastes.

Consuming more fluids, in general, helps all your elimination systems to move wastes out of cells into your lymph systems. Congested lymph systems are the cause of disease. This is your top cleansing system, connected to every cell in your body! Helping it move is definitely a top priority.

Water consumption, exercise, and movement all cause the lymph to move. Your body needs exercise to circulate lymph.

You need to keep on cleansing – as an on-going lifestyle choice!

Be your body’s best friend
Don’t allow your daily absorption of toxicity to take over again! Most people have classic toxicity overwhelm signals, and tiredness is #1. As Dr. Kuprowsky says in “Fibromyalgia - effective relief,” when bodies are overwhelmed by toxicity, they just can’t get motivated. They become irritable and restless, worrying, and anxious. Low tolerance follows suit. The little stuff gets them. No tolerance to noise and other disturbances. Life feels heavy.

Once they lighten up and release their toxic load, they just brighten up again; they feel more optimistic and lively - wanting to do things, feeling more adventurous and becoming more involved! It is like a summer-time feeling of wanting to be more active and energetic! People's lives get better and better on all levels, the cleaner their bodies become! This is the best motivator to do what works – on-going cleansing.

How can you help, what can you do, and what work best for you? Tune in and listen to your body’s daily signals. See the guide for this insight.

Vibrant bodies are toxic free! Your quality of life and health depends on your internal health - now and in the future.

If you’re not sure about where to go or what to do, just give us a call. We are here to help you to assist your body function better.


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