Heavy metal toxicity - a reversible dementia?

Heavy metal toxicity - a reversible dementia?

The general belief is that aging brains, like bodies, degenerate as they grow older. What can we do to maintain a healthy brain as we advance in years? Is there a way to protect our brains from accelerated aging and degeneration such as dementia?

“Unfortunately, the majority of clinicians dealing with patients who have mental health issues are unlikely to suspect heavy metal toxicity as a cause of their patient’s problems due to a general lack of knowledge of this subject in the medical community.” - San Francisco Preventative Medical Group

Setting the stage
Dementia is a collective term, used to describe the progressive impairment of individual cognitive capabilities to the point where memory loss becomes complete. All of those learned tasks, necessary for daily living, become unlearned - an increasingly frustrating and emotional experience for anyone.

The signs of dementia become more noticeable in older people, usually those in their 60s, and beyond.

Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia, a physical disorder, progressive in nature, that attacks the brain’s nerve cells, or neurons, resulting in loss of memory, thinking and language skills, and behavioural changes.

The disease is more likely to become prevalent in older people, usually in their 60s and beyond.

Heavy metal toxicity occurs as a result of an accumulation of heavy metals that the body is unable to eliminate through its own natural elimination processes.

The adverse impact of heavy metal toxicity is more likely to become more pronounced in those who have been subjected to exposure to heavy metals in their environment at an early age, and those who have been exposed to relatively lower levels of heavy metals continuously throughout their life and who are now in their 60s and beyond.

A solution lies in assisting the body’s intelligence to eliminate the heavy metals naturally.

Aging - 60s and beyond

Between 1985 and 2025, Canada is predicted to experience a 135% increase in the size of its over-65 population, and the USA will have an increase of 105%. Guatemala, for instance, will have a 357% increase in the number of its elderly individuals over the above 20-year period; for Mexico, the increase will be 324% and for India 264%.

More about Heavy Metal Toxicity

From the San Francisco Preventative Medical Group:

“Toxic heavy metals are found in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the houses we live in. Toxic metal exposure can result in a wide array of common mental health disorders that can mimic many psychiatric “diseases” and thus lead to psychoactive prescription drug use or other unnecessary treatments. “

“Chronic low-level exposure can lead to a wide array of problems, ranging from neuropsychiatric disturbances such as aggressive behaviour, memory loss, depression, irritability, and learning deficits.”

Even though we may able to reduce heavy metals, won’t it be too late for the brain? Can our brains be capable of rejuvenating at any age?

Yes, it can because ...

The brain can bounce back at any time

From the National Scientific Counsel on the Developing Child:
“During pregnancy, the developing brain is extremely sensitive to many chemicals. Environmental influences can be positive or negative in very powerful ways because they have the capacity to literally change the architecture of the brain as it grows.”

“Although exposure to toxins can result in serious injury, the brain is also resilient as biology protects it over other organ systems and helps it resist the potentially negative impacts of outside threats.”

“Moreover, when given the chance, the brain often demonstrates the capacity to recover from damage. This balance between vulnerability and resilience determines how different environmental conditions affect brain development over time”. (Early exposure to toxic substances damages brain architecture - Spring 2006)

The solution

If you begin to notice what appears to be the early signs of dementia in a loved one or in yourself, consider seeking tests for heavy metal toxicity. As we have quoted and noted above, it is possible to reduce the levels and impact of heavy metal toxicity.

If you do have a high level of heavy metals, you may be able to reduce that level.

There are people who demonstrate amazing brain power until their 90’s. Many of them are fit and healthy. They live active lives by exercising and taking care of what they expose their bodies to environmentally. They watch what they eat and they rejuvenate by cleansing regularly.

When you see someone with bright and clear eyes, brilliant white teeth, shiny hair, glowing and pink complexions, and enthusiastic energy, and so on … these are signs that health is expanding, that their body is rejuvenating.

That someone could be you.


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