Detox Systems and “scams”


No doubt, you've seen references to "scams" when searching for detox systems on the internet. The term is so popular it usually comes at the top of the search list. (So it must be true, right? - Wrong.)

We are told all you need is a couple of spoons, battery, and a plastic basin - they do the same thing, don't they? (Maybe not, see Features to look for”).

Then there was the CBC Marketplace "investigation," referring to an authoritative report where a $150 system was tested on several healthy people and the authors concluded that since the subjects didn’t feel any better, detox systems didn’t work… Although just one model was tested, the implication was that all detox systems were the same, so apparently, none of them worked.

Reduction of toxicity
Toxicity has been identified by many doctors, scientists, and other healthcare professionals as the root cause of nearly all illness. Read our earlier blog article, ”Heavy metals - what are the doctors saying?” to see for yourself what professionals know about toxicity and its potentially devastating impact on the body.

The results are clear - toxicity negatively impacts your health and is even confusing diagnosis and effective treatment.

Science and medicine are proving how reducing levels of toxicity is the solution to recovering your good health.

Features to look for
When researching detox systems, if you want to eliminate the risk of a possible “scam”, use the following checklist to look for high-level features and controls:

⇒ Power supply - the power supply should be hospital-certified internationally.

⇒ Electronics - the electricity supplied through the array coil should be controlled automatically at a level of precision to ensure safety at all times.

⇒ Coil use - the number of uses of the individual array coils should be controlled by a counter on the array to ensure that it cannot be used after the optimum effectiveness has expired.

⇒ Salt use - you should not have to add more salt after the session has begun.

All the above factors are essential to create a safe, effective detox system experience. Any system that does not meet all four of these requirements should be red-flagged. If it cannot control these factors, it is unsafe and will not be able to perform effectively.

Going forward
Given the diverse nature of information on the internet these days, it is hardly surprising that there are concerns about the effectiveness of detox systems.

The information in this blog is here to help you to make your choice. Remember to watch for scientific proof, to use your checklist, and be open to those who have had good results. We hope that by doing this, you can clear up any concerns you may have when making an informed purchasing decision.

We commend you for doing your research and being so careful about your choices.


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