Body burden - what is it?

Body burden  - what is it?

In response to the interest in our recent blogs on toxicity, particularly as affecting children, we decided to devote more attention to this topic and look at "body burden."

In our last blog, we made the point that children, with their little bodies, are suffering because they have grown up on a more toxic planet than we did.

Science is telling us that children as young as 2 years old are showing signs of diseases similar to those experienced by senior citizens, such as rheumatoid arthritis. How can that be, you ask? Science is now revealing why.

Toxic overload
Certain physical, mental, and emotional warning signs alert us to the fact that the body is feeling abnormal. Key researchers in the field of toxicology are now asking, “To what extent are human bodies, and especially children’s bodies, encountering toxic overload”?

Body burden tests, for example, on blood and urine, determine and measure how polluted you are with synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and other poisonous substances. This testing is increasing our awareness of the level of toxicity we are all vulnerable to now in our indoor and outdoor environments.

Whether it is your body or your child’s that is giving toxicity warnings, such as those shown below, correcting the cause is vital to the recovery of natural health and vitality.

Listening to your body
When you pause to listen to what the body is saying, you can avoid serious health issues, both now and in the future. So what is your body telling you presently?

When these signals first appear, they are often dismissed as inconveniences, yet they will intensify over time to gain your attention.

Toxicity warning signs may take the form of headaches, confused thinking, trouble in concentrating, strong mood swings, excessive fatigue, sleepiness, sluggishness, or even pain in your joints or muscles.

What is happening?
To what degree are you, or even your children, experiencing these typical problems, which can amplify accumulating toxicity:

• Coping with current and past stress levels

• Unable to unwind from your demanding schedule

• Finding time to and allowing yourself to relax

• Fitful sleeping at night

• Focusing on problems instead of solutions

• Depleted energy levels

• Significant loss of energy in the afternoons

• Exhaustion at the end of the day

• Difficulty in getting up in the morning

Your body is trying to get your attention when the signals become louder. Bodies feel and function so much better when they are no longer cluttered with toxic, poisonous substances that cause cells to send out distress signals. If you are experiencing any or many toxicity signals, you may want to take action now so that you or your children can live long, happy, healthy lives.

Finding the solution
When you clear away your life accumulation of toxicity and decrease your daily absorption on an on-going basis, the alert signals will disappear and you feel start to feel so much better.

“Detox is a vital function of our body's innate ability to rejuvenate itself. Support these abilities with gentle, holistic methods and promote long-term health and vitality in the process.” Isaac Eliaz, MD


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