Allow enough time - Each detox session lasts approximately 45 minutes. This includes preparation time, 30 minutes with your feet in the water, and final clean-up. The experience can be very relaxing so read, listen to music, or meditate. Whatever you choose to do, the main goal is to relax!

The right combination - The basin contains a combination of hot (but not too hot) water and a small amount of salt (2.5 ml). The warmth of the water opens the sweat glands, and the salt improves the conductivity of the water. 

Prepare yourself - There are several things you can do to optimize the benefits of each session: exercise beforehand, be well-hydrated before, during and after and rest after a session

Before your Session:
Be well hydrated - drink lots of clean water for several days ahead of your session time.
If possible, exercise. For example, walk, run, cycle, rebound, or climb stairs to get your circulation moving.

Note that there should be no lotions or oils on your feet at the time of the session. Oils or lotion may coat the array coils, decreasing their effectiveness.

After your Session:
Increase your water consumption, especially for the 3-4 days immediately following your session, as this will help your body to continue to flush more toxins out,  releasing them through the colon and bladder.

If possible, plan a rest period following your session. This will allow all the energy of the session to be used internally to increase your body's ability to heal, repair, and rejuvenate.

Sometimes you will feel energized after your session - this is even more reason to allow this energy to be used internally.

Sometimes you will feel tired afterwards - it is your body's way of saying, "Stop, I need to rest.” If you allow this rest time, you will receive greater benefits from your session

Test your alkalinity/acidity - To monitor progress, test your present level of alkalinity/acidity at the beginning and end of the session, using a pH strip and a sample of saliva. The overall purpose of testing the pH of saliva at this stage is to check for relative change - to see if the level of acidity has been reduced by the end of a session. This is the goal, however, there can be several reasons why this may not be not achieved immediately.

It’s the change that matters: Remember, whatever you have consumed within the previous few hours will impact the first reading. But the main purpose is to note if the level of acidity has changed by the end of a session. This will confirm whether your level of internal acidity has reduced.

pH Testing

Get some saliva on the tongue and then tap the green pad on the strip three times evenly to coat the strip. Wait 1 to 2 minutes to fully saturate the pad. If there isn’t enough saliva on the pad or the pad isn’t coated evenly, the score will not be the accurate so wait another 1 to 2 minutes for the pad to reach full-colour saturation.

Note the score while the strip is still wet (the colour and score will regress to a more acidic score once the pH strip dries out). See Checking the scores below:

Capture urine directly on the strip, or use a dixie cup to collect some urine in and dip strip into the urine. Wait 1 - 2 minutes to saturate and then record the score before it dries out. See Checking the scores below.

pH Testing - 3 DAY pH TEST (saliva + urine):

Saliva reflects the digestive score as it tracks dietary intakes including supplements to see how are they affecting you positively or negatively. Urine reflects your inner terrain score at the cellular level.

Testing tips:

•   Track urine and saliva before meals and dietary influencers for 3 days, 3 times a day.

•   Test before breakfast, i.e., nothing to eat or drink before, as fasting scores are the true biological/native/true scores as there are no dietary influencers.

•   Do not test right after all dietary influencers (such as green drinks, supplements, or acidic or alkaline foods).

•   Urine will often be acidic first thing in the morning - this is a good sign the body is releasing its acid load overnight.

•   Even if the person is fasting, still test early in the morning, midday, early evening as you are looking for the pattern over 3 days to determine average scores.

Checking the scores:
What are your pH scores? Are they acidic - all day ... or alternating between acidic and slightly alkaline? What is the average score?

•   7.0 - 7.5  is the ideal score - blood is slightly alkaline at 7.35 - 7.45 - you are trying to match this.

•   Below 7.0 is too acidic or above 8.0 is too alkaline - both will adversely affect your body's ability to heal, repair, and rejuvenate.

Colour of the water - By the end of the session, depending on what the body has expelled as a top priority, the water in the basin may have changed colour and consistency. The content is sometimes thick and dark, sometimes it is light and transparent. The priority is that you “feel the difference” - More.

Characteristics and Meaning

There are two types of releases:

1. Light-looking purges have less content, and are more transparent, with an orange tinge to the water. These indicate that the current levels of toxicity being released are usually acid and heavy metals.

These releases, at first sight, may appear less significant but they are not. You may recall that in the water analysis page we gave you in the "Technical Notes" section of the manual, pages 2-7 and 2-8, the 5 water profiles were all light-orange, transparent purges. However, each chemistry profile and microscopic content was vastly different .

2. Thick, muddy-looking purges contain lots of particles, often so dense one can't sometimes see the feet. This indicates an historical, life accumulation load of toxins are being released.

Light or muddy Both types of releases are beneficial and have different purposes. You need light purges to address situations where the biochemistry has shut down with acidity. Heavy purges help to address the life-accumulation of toxins because they interfere with the body being able to heal, repair, and restore.

Sometimes it takes a series of light purges to remove the accumulated affect of acidity, before a heavy-content purge will occur. You will see this contrast coming out in different sessions with the same person, similar to different strata of the earth representing different content.

Black particles, surface scum, and fatty film indicate content differences. Bubbles and foam sometimes occur when different chemicals in the water interacting, similar to vinegar and baking soda frothing when mixed together.

Color differences occur when different chemicals join and break apart as a result of the electrolysis process. The colors do not indicate anything specific; they are the result of an underlying chemical interaction.

Charts representing the reason for different colours in session water are simply not accurate because the body does not release one organ at a time. The releases that occur are a collection of content from all parts of the body, a river of content similar to that released from colon and bladder, collected from all cells in the body.

Taking a closer look

You may notice at the end of the session there is particular content on the floor of the basin. This indicates that there is certain chemistry present:

Black specks are small particles of heavy metals joined together, 
Black particles, looking like pepper corns, are a mass of heavy metals joined back together - “birds of a feather, flock together”.

When we look at the surface of the water, sometimes a scum develops on the surface of the water - especially at the beginning of the session with an appearance similar to:

  • Dead skin,
  • Olive oil (clear oil),
  • Chicken or bone broth soup in the making or even thicker like the layer that forms on the surface of the soup that left in the fridge overnight, or
  • Congealed coconut oil.

Whatever scum looks like, this is what the lymph system ha released out and what has been clogging it up.

The rest of the content cannot be determined with any accuracy. It has to be tested by a laboratory because it all depends on the combination of chemistry present in the water, salt, and then what physical content is released.

Changes can be subtle - Most likely, you will enjoy a better sleep for several nights to come, especially if you have had problems sleeping recently. There are other immediate benefits that you may not have noticed - physically (e.g., more energy), emotionally (e.g., more centred) and mentally (e.g., more alert) - see pages 3-1 “Why Have a Session?” and 3-6 “What Have You Experienced?” in the Clinic section of the manual for more examples.

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