Why stay away from toxic thoughts


“Thoughts do cause illness and should be studied and controlled. They have the power to make us sick, they also have the power to make us healthy." "That is why a change in your thinking is essential to detoxify your brain.” … Dr. Caroline Leaf in “Who Switched off My Brain.”

It may be easier to recognize toxic thoughts in others than in yourself, yet emotions such as worry, fear, unforgiveness, excessive grief, and guilt can cause health problems for everyone.

Dr. Leaf continues,  “When doctors cannot find a physiological cause for an illness, they dismiss it as 'all in the mind.' While their diagnosis is right, their reasoning is wrong.”

The body as a chemical factory
When you feel sad, afraid, angry, or hopeless, your brain releases different types of chemicals. Depending on whether these chemicals are toxic to the body, they can either help or harm you. We are cautioned not to eat when angry as it can not only alter our digestion, it can cause food itself to become toxic to our bodies.

So where do you stand? What are your dominant thoughts at present … what feelings do they create?

You may well be doing the right things for your body physically such as eating the right things, breathing deeply, sleeping deeply, and taking whole food nutrients - all of which have a wonderful, healthy impact.

Yet, even so, you can still adversely affect your health by your daily thoughts and feelings. This can create a “Catch-22” situation - your deteriorating health can lead to more toxic thoughts, and so on …

All emotions, thoughts, and feelings, of whatever type, affect the physical body. Those that are inharmonious produce acid reactions, so much so that even when we eat alkalizing foods, the net result is still acidity.

Why? Because emotions create more acidic waste products – much more than the alkalizing foods can possibly neutralize.

Any stressor that is too much for the mind and body to deal with leaves an acid residue. Stress causes our bodies to release excessive hormones that trigger muscle contraction, and weaken our digestive power and immune system

The higher your degree of stress, the more alkaline foods you need to consume!

Toxicity, today and tomorrow
There are two levels of toxicity:  (1) daily exposure, both internal and external which, if not held in check, leads to (2) a lifetime accumulation, responsible for ever deteriorating health with the onset of advancing years.

On a daily basis, you need to become aware of your dominant thoughts throughout your day. What effect are they having on you? How do you feel?

When you are feeling out of sorts, reflect back to what you have been broadcasting. Your feelings are a mirror to your thoughts. Choose to think about what you want to experience. Keep asking yourself throughout the day – “what do I want?” Simply focus on that, and on breathing deeply to relax, centre, and think about what you want to experience.

Failing to hold toxicity in check today means that you will have to face an accumulation of toxicity tomorrow. Elimination of this accumulation later becomes a more complex task though one that is still possible, if not left too late.

Even though toxic thoughts do have toxic effects, you can still change the impact.


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