What Do Heavy Metals And Mold Toxicity Have In Common?

What Do Heavy Metals And Mold Toxicity Have In Common?

When mold has taken hold in your home, you need to address this external source. However, once mold takes hold in your body, you need to address this issue in your body’s internal environment. Be aware the chemical warfare approach on the mold is what causes new resistant strains to mutate – just like viruses and bacteria have reacted to antibiotics.

Dr. Jack Thrasher (toxicology, immunotoxicology) wrote “It’s important to determine whether or not your health problems are indeed due to mold. Most doctors will simply prescribe an antibiotic for chronic sinusitis, for example. If your sinusitis stems from bacteria and mold growth in your home, it’s not going to clear up. The next step is typically to prescribe either prednisone or a corticosteroid, which could further worsen your condition”.

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D., added: “Toxic metals harm the cells of the body whereas the invading microbes (including mold) thrive in a heavy metal environment. Research by Ludwig, Voll, and others in Germany and by Omura and myself here in the US, show that microbes tend to set up their housekeeping in those body compartments that have the highest pollution with toxic metals. The list of symptoms of mercury toxicity alone, published by DAMS (Dental Amalgam Support Group) includes virtually all illnesses known to humankind. Chronic fatigue, depression, and joint pains are the most common on the list. The body’s immune cells are incapacitated in those areas whereas the microbes multiply and thrive in an undisturbed way.”

“The teeth jawbone, Peyer’s patches in the gut wall, the ground-system (connective tissue) and the autonomic ganglia are common sites of metal storage and the place where microbes thrive. Furthermore, those bodily areas are also vasoconstricted and hypoperfused by blood, nutrients, and oxygen, which foster the growth of anaerobic germs, molds, fungi, and viruses.”

Common signs of mold toxicity:

• Frequent fevers, allergies, chronic sinusitis, asthma or trouble breathing.

• Low blood pressure, bleeding, blood not clotting properly, irregular heartbeat

• Stomach and digestive disorders: leaky gut, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting up blood

• Neurological problems, poor concentration, forgetfulness

• Joint aches and pains, muscle wasting, chronic fatigue

• Depression, skin rashes, headaches

To eliminate viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi permanently from your body, you need to adopt a biological approach to stop their growth. When you achieve a clean, internal healing environment, all symptoms of illness will disappear.



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