Facing fatigue- the secrets to increasing your vitality


Fatigue and lack of vitality are some of the most frustrating symptoms people experience today.

External demands can become overwhelming, affecting you in so many ways, key among these is your energy level.

Have you considered the combined impact that your fast paced lifestyle, high levels of stress, and a classic North American diet, i.e. carbohydrates, meat, sugars, and stimulants, has on your body?

All of these factors affect your body’s internal level of acidity, and that is why you are experiencing debilitating fatigue.

Why is the inner body so sensitive to acidity? When, for example, swimming pools and fish tanks become high in acid and low in oxygen, this causes bad microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and fungus to flourish. The body, typically averaging 60-70% water, is no different.  When you have a high level of acidity and your blood oxygen level is low, these microbes will begin to flourish in you. And when they do, your natural vitality will diminish.

Disease organisms in your body, such as bacteria, yeast, viruses, and mutating cancer cells, survive in an acidic environment. They also survive when your blood oxygen is low. These two conditions often exist together.

The body needs a specific balance of acid-alkaline levels, referred to as a “pH” balance; this is the amount of acids and non-acids that are found in your body’s fluids, i.e. blood, saliva, urine, and tissues. This ratio of acids to non-acids in your body determines your own internal pH levels.

When acid buildup, or acidosis, develops to the point at which your body is unable to eliminate or neutralize these acids successfully, a variety of problems will occur. If not corrected and balanced, the acid buildup can lead to illness and even death.

Acidity/oxygen balance The level of acidity, or pH balance, has an inverse relationship with the level of oxygen in the body. And so, when acidity increases, oxygen decreases. At a more technical level, this is referred to as the Bohr effect, after its discovery in 1904 by the Danish physiologist Christian Bohr.

An increase in acidity and decrease in oxygen greatly impacts your body’s energy production in all cells, tissues, and organs. Increased acidity causes your body to need extra energy to balance your pH and to fight off the bad microbes that flourish in this state.

Our bodies live and die at the cellular level. The billions of cells in our bodies must maintain slight alkalinity, in order to function, stay alive, and thrive.

Acidosis, or excess acidity, especially affects nerve cells, eyes, and proper brain function. When you have low-level nerve function, you are likely to experience  “brain fog,” forgetfulness, decreased mental alertness, and depression.

High levels of acids accelerate aging, deplete the body’s vital mineralization, impair enzyme activity, and cause inflammation and organ damage.

The body is highly sensitive to the external pollution we absorb daily through our skin, lungs, diet, and water. This includes many sources of toxic substances such as heavy metals which increase the body’s level of acidity.

Creating balance To restore balance and recover our energy, the first step is to consider what we eat. A diet of 75–80% alkaline-forming foods and less of strongly acid-forming foods is a good start. This means eating more fresh, whole, and green foods while avoiding processed foods, grains, and highly acidifying animal foods.

Even your method of eating can make a difference. Eating slower, chewing longer, and being more restful while you eat will greatly assist with better digestion, higher energy levels, and a deeper, more restful sleep.

What you choose to think about inevitably affects your mood; your current feelings have a very strong impact on your body’s pH. Dr. Caroline Leaf, the author of Who Switched Off My Brain, explains, “Thoughts do cause illness and should be studied and controlled. They have the power to make us sick, they also have the power to make us healthy…That is why a change in your thinking is essential to detoxify your brain.”

Worriers often have high acidity and a poor digestion. It may seem trite, but optimists experience better health, live longer, and are happier people. (Look around.)

What you emote, you promote. Focusing on what went right today, what you like, being with who you like, and doing your favourite activities can only help you to feel good.

We’ve talked about the relationship between acidity, diet, lifestyle, and even attitude. What about blood oxygen levels? When you exercise, particularly in a natural environment, you feel better. Re-train yourself to breathe deeper, consciously relax, and be at peace, especially in challenging circumstances. Stress is only stress if it is continuous, so interrupt it with activities such as walking in nature, meditating, praying, visualization, reading, and resting.

Revitalize your cells Detoxifying your body of accumulated acidity and toxins on a regular weekly basis each month will bring up your energy levels and make you feel better, think clearer, and enjoy a healthier body all year round.

The goal is to create and maintain a balanced, slightly alkaline pH in the body. This is the secret to slowing aging and increasing your vitality. You are as young as you feel.

Do what makes your body feel more energetic! Your body is an excellent communicator, but are you listening and following its advice? Your vitality level is your major clue if your lifestyle is assisting your body or not.

Green foods and a detoxified body are your secrets to increasing vitality and healthy longevity. Choosing to be “green and clean” shifts the balance, so why not try it and see how you feel? The key is to choose every day what makes you feel great. It’s up to you.

By being your body’s best friend, taking care of it today, and every day, you will have endless rewards now, tomorrow, and in the future. Let your vitality be your guiding light.


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