Can you really have “toxic” thoughts?


In “Who Switched Off My Brain? - Controlling toxic thoughts and emotions”, Dr. Caroline Leaf, describe how positive and negative thoughts and feelings can affect your body.

You can address accumulated toxicity directly but what do stress-related emotions, such as negative thoughts and feelings have to do with both increased acidity and toxicity. What can be done about them?

Negative thoughts and feelings generate internal stress and are the greatest cause of acidity in your body. You can generate more acid by your thoughts and emotions than by what you eat. Dr. Leaf’s book is a wake-up call for all of us to see how much we bless or curse our bodies by our response to external stress. This is one of the most important books you can read.
If you interested in learning more, obtain a copy and begin with chapter six to really understand the message. Then go back and read the earlier chapters - they are very detailed, major anatomy and chemistry – her message, backed by science, is brilliant.

How do your thoughts and feelings affect your life? Dr. Leaf explains that when doctors cannot find a physiological cause for an illness, they dismiss it as ‘all in the mind’. She explains that while their diagnosis is right, their reasoning is wrong because thoughts do cause illness and should be studied and controlled. Dr. Leaf reasons that if thoughts can make us sick, they can also make us healthy. The logical conclusion is a change in your thinking is necessary to detoxify your brain.

Dr. Leaf also explains that there is evidence that the so-called ‘comfort foods’ could be toxic to your body as a result of negative thoughts and emotions that you may have while eating them. Dietitians and nutritionists may often tell you to never to eat when if angry. It’s as if anger literally seeps into your food. When we learn from Dr. Leaf that digestive disorders often are caused by the effects of toxic thoughts and feelings, it should really come as no surprise.

“ ... When you feel sad, afraid, angry or hopeful, your brain releases different types of chemicals. In fact, your brain can be compared to a profile factory producing a variety of chemicals depending on what type of emotions you are experiencing.”

If chemicals produced by the brain are toxic to your body, they will harm you.They will create a host of health problems for the body and the mind. Emotions that are destructive over time are worry, unforgiveness, frustration, fear, excessive grief and guilt.

By making a conscious effort, you can free yourself of these harmful emotions and eliminate your body’s own production of toxicity.


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