Thyroid imbalance- are you affected?

Butterly.001 How do you feel after a full night’s sleep? Does fatigue drag you down day after day? Or, are you experiencing a racy feeling and higher than usual level of anxiety or nervousness throughout the day? Do you have restless nights or problems getting to sleep? If you do, this suggests a thyroid imbalance. About 300 million people in...

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Toxicity Q&As - A reality check

Post-images.017 There are two kinds of toxins: internally-sourced (endogenous) and externally-sourced (exogenous). Internal or endogenous, toxins are byproducts from bodily functions such as metabolism, examples of which are uric acid, urea, and carbon dioxide. The digestive process is a typical source of excess acidity as a result of an acidic diet. External, or exogenous, toxins enter the body from the outside...

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Toxicity - a phantom disease?

Post-images3.041 Toxicity has become a major health issue. Many diseases are being blamed for ill-health when, in fact, toxicity is really the culprit, eluding most health care professionals as they are not trained to recognize it. The longer toxicity remains unnoticed, the worse the symptoms can become. Although most health care professionals may not fully understand the symptoms, there is a...

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Can you really have “toxic” thoughts?

Post-images5.045 In “Who Switched Off My Brain? - Controlling toxic thoughts and emotions”, Dr. Caroline Leaf, describe how positive and negative thoughts and feelings can affect your body. You can address accumulated toxicity directly but what do stress-related emotions, such as negative thoughts and feelings have to do with both increased acidity and toxicity. What can be done about...

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Heavy metals - what are the doctors saying?

Post-images.008 In recent blogs, we have concentrated on specific health conditions and included direct quotes from doctors and health organizations. A consistent pattern of information from these sources answers a series of fundamental questions. Listed below are the questions, paraphrased quotes, and links to the original blogs: Why are heavy metals and toxicity harmful to health? # Heavy metals explain most of...

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