Diet - sickness, fatigue, and depression

Post-images2.001 Can diet be linked to sickness, fatigue, and depression? Quite simply, yes. The body is a highly complex system, and it needs a diet of good quality energy, just as an auto needs good quality fuel. If the body does not receive the energy it needs, it experiences a gradual process of degradation. As we are all different, that...

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Lift toxic depression naturally

Post-images.006 An increasing body of evidence supports the view that depression and black moods are caused by an imbalance in brain chemistry. Toxicity, such as heavy metal toxicity (mercury in particular), affects brain chemistry and has been identified as a key cause. Depression can take several different forms: Emotional - constant disease, sadness or anxiety, worthlessness, guilt, dark or suicidal thoughts,...

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Overcoming depression - the natural way

Post-images3.040 Are you aware how much your posture and breathing patterns affect your moods and depression? Try this now: breathe slowly and more deeply, ensuring that your clothes permit you to do this, easily and comfortably. It’s likely you will begin to feel more awake, alive, alert, and energetic. This, in turn, helps you feel better, on all...

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