Lactic acidosis - what you can do about it

Post-images2.020 When we hear of lactate, lactic acidosis, or lactic acid as it is more commonly known, we usually think of it as a side effect of physical exercise. Activities such as sprinting and lifting weights are designed to increase speed, strength, and muscle mass, the goal of many athletes. Unfortunately, lactic acid buildup can leave us feeling quite the opposite,...

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Why clearing toxicity matters so much

Post-images3.025 In recent blogs, we have covered several Health Conditions, ranging from chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis, to sleep problems and depression, to the inability to lose weight - all involved clearing toxicity We have noted that the body’s natural balance is affected by one or more Health Factors: diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress, and the environments we live and...

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Chronic pain - is more diagnosis needed?

Post-images.013 Have you ever been diagnosed with chronic pain? Did you experience little or no improvement, even though you tried various prescribed treatments? “Physicians don’t look for environmental causes primarily because they have not been trained to do so” - Dr. Albert F. Robbins, DO of Boca Raton, Florida Diagnosis today - the missing step Think back...

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Losing weight - using the body’s intelligence

Post-images.005 “I just can’t seem to lose weight, no matter what I do!” How often have you said this, or heard other people say this? It is very common for people to diet, exercise, count calories, and follow all the tricks and tips for weight loss, but still not be able to shed their extra pounds. Weight...

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Lift toxic depression naturally

Post-images.006 An increasing body of evidence supports the view that depression and black moods are caused by an imbalance in brain chemistry. Toxicity, such as heavy metal toxicity (mercury in particular), affects brain chemistry and has been identified as a key cause. Depression can take several different forms: Emotional - constant disease, sadness or anxiety, worthlessness, guilt, dark or suicidal thoughts,...

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